Skincare is in the spotlight! Thanks to influencers and skincare enthusiasts on social media, more people are becoming aware of the importance of different approaches to daily skincare. They’re learning the ins and outs of building a skincare routine and learning how to adapt their routine from season to season. Now, we’re in the midst of spring—and summer is right around the corner. You may be looking for more ways to give your skin the advantage in preparation for the warmer (or hotter) months. Hydrating toner is an essential all-around skincare product that may help get that advantage. It can fit into skincare regimens of all kinds. Why add it?

Hydrating Toner Restores After Cleansing and After Sun Exposure

A lot of people have a twice-daily skincare regimen: in the morning and in the evening. Some may have a once-daily routine. No matter your routine, hydrating toner can be a great addition to your day. When it’s part of a morning regimen, after cleansing, it can help replenish your skin and restore the moisture barrier, essentially preparing your skin for the day ahead. When it’s part of an evening regimen, it can help restore the skin after environmental exposure—including time in the sun. When you replenish your skin’s hydration as part of a daily skincare regimen, you can also boost the look and feel of your skin. When you want softer skin complete with a dewy glow, hydration is key (no matter the time of year).

Hydrating Toner Helps Ready Your Skin for the Next Step

How can hydrating toner fit into your existing skincare regimen? After you’ve cleansed, your skin is primed for toner. You can use toner in conjunction with serums and targeted treatments, like a dark spot corrector. Use a hydrating toner with clear skin products made to help with blemishes and breakouts. Or use hydrating toner with brightening products. That’s the great thing about a hydrating toner, particularly a toner made with plant-based ingredients like hemp seed oil and other plant botanicals. A hydrating toner can be gentle for practically any skin type, and it can be super versatile. Once you’ve applied toner, your skin is ready for moisturizer. It’s also ready for SPF sun protection if you're getting ready to head out for the day.

Hydrating Toner Can Be Part of an Adaptive Skincare Routine

Hydrating toner can be applied every day. You can also use it to refresh throughout the day whenever you need a boost of hydration. You can use it all season long or all year long. Use it as needed or make it a permanent part of your regimen. It’s versatile and can adapt to your specific needs. As you prepare for the hotter weather ahead, start to adapt now by adding a boost of hydration to your routine—and keep it going well into the fall. It’s up to you! It’s just another way to support your skin and its moisture barrier while giving it an advantage in the coming months. When you give your skin an advantage—any advantage—you give it what it needs to look and feel amazing day after day, season after season.

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