You can’t wait to spend more time in the sun. Between longer days and beautiful weather, you’ll take any excuse to get outside. Spring is a magical time of year. It’s a time of renewal and rejuvenation. It’s also a time to turn your attention to your skin and get it ready for longer, sunnier days.

Springtime skincare is all about adapting and protecting your skin from the elements. It’s getting your skin ready for more sun and more fun. How can you get your skin ready for longer, sunnier days? From a hydrating toner to SPF moisturizers, you can easily adapt your skincare regimen without missing a moment in the sun. Here are three ways to do it.

Add a Dark Spot Corrector with Vitamin C

As your time in the sun increases, you might start to pick up on changes in your complexion. One common change people notice is the appearance of dark spots. To help even out your complexion, you can add a dark spot corrector to your routine. Dark spot correctors can be made with vitamin C and other antioxidant ingredients. These ingredients can help brighten and even out skin tone by both correcting sunspots and pigmentation as well as preventing the effects of future sun damage.

Another effect of sun damage on the skin is premature signs of aging such as more fine lines & wrinkles. Vitamin C can not only help brighten and restore skin but also can help boost collagen production in the skin. As your dark spot corrector with vitamin C evens out tone, it can also help even out the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. You can boost the age defying effects further by pairing the corrector with a deep wrinkle filler. By protecting and correcting with age defying and brightening ingredients like vitamin C, you can spend more time in the sun while managing dark spots and fine lines.

Say Hi to Hydrating Toner

Spending more time in the sun can mean more opportunities for your skin to lose moisture. There are all kinds of factors working against your skin, pulling away moisture. The sun, wind, and dry air can all play a part in drying out your skin. Prevent against the drying effects of the sun and promote a healthy glow with skincare that promotes hydration and moisturization.

For some, it can be as simple as using a hydrating toner every morning or anytime during the day. You may also want to add a hydrating moisturizing cream to your routine to help lock in moisture and boost the effects of your hydrating toner. Or you can base your entire skincare routine around hydration and moisturization if the sun is making you lose your dewy glow this spring.

Dial Up the SPF

One of the best ways to prepare for longer, sunnier days is to dial up your SPF usage. Products with SPF ratings are important year-round, but they’re arguably most important when the sun sticks around for longer and more time is spent outside in the spring and summer. You can be ready for summer sun by adding sun protection into your skincare routine and getting into the habit of using SPF products now.

If you want to make it super easy to add SPF into your daily skincare regimen, try a hydrating moisturizer with SPF. That way, while you’re applying your daily moisturizer, you’re applying your SPF at the same time. Make sure to reapply your SPF throughout the day. That’s one thing a lot of people forget—SPF products can “wear out” after they’re applied to skin and exposed to sun. You need to reapply throughout the day to maintain proper protection.

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