When you glance in the mirror, you love it when you catch a peek of your glowing skin. It’s that hint of radiance that comes from healthy, happy, hydrated skin. But you also know your skin doesn’t always have that glow 24/7. That’s totally normal. But when you have a date night coming up or you’ll be hitting the town with your besties, you want your skin to have a memorable glow. You want to be ready for a quick selfie or portrait you can post to your socials. What can you do to get that glimmer and glow? You can restore it in just a few steps, and it starts with hydrating, clear skin products. Let’s go!

Exfoliate and Restore Twice a Week

After cleansing (usually at the end of the day), exfoliation can do a lot to help restore your radiance. Using targeted exfoliating products is key. You want a twice-a-week exfoliator that not only gently helps remove dry and dead surface skin, along with other impurities, but also helps brighten your complexion. One option is a scrub that includes sugar and lemon. Sugar scrubs are often gentle as the sugar can dissolve as you exfoliate. The lemon can help restore your glow. That’s why so many brightening products have lemon or citrus in them (along with vitamin C). Follow up exfoliation with a hydrating moisturizer.

Use a Hydrating Toner Every Morning

Does your morning routine include a hydrating toner? If your goal is radiant skin for an upcoming night out, hydration can play a big role in that. And hydration is easy when you add a hydrating toner. It’s a great way to complement other steps you may already be taking, like exfoliating twice a week and cleansing every morning with a gentle cleanser. After using your hydrating toner, you can protect that moisture with a hydrating moisturizer. And, in case you haven’t seen the word “hydrating” enough yet—don’t forget hydrating SPF protection before you go out. If your moisturizer has SPF protection, you're set. Using an SPF product is one more simple step you can take to protect your skin’s moisture barrier—and glow!

Treat Your Skin to a Boost of Vitamin C

While using a lemony exfoliator can help brighten your skin, it’s just one of several different products that can help restore your skin’s luminosity. Another product to consider is vitamin C and turmeric serum. Both vitamin C and turmeric can help support a brighter more radiant complexion. And when it’s a product you use every day as part of your skincare regimen, it’s easier to achieve—and maintain—the results you're looking for. Can you combine products like a sugar and lemon scrub with a hydrating toner and a turmeric serum? Absolutely! Give them a try and get ready for a night out with that luminous complexion you can’t get enough of!

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