Want an SPF product that does more than just protect your skin from the sun? As you soak up the sun in the coming months, using an SPF-based product like sunscreen is essential. But you also know you want an SPF product that works with your skin—and your skincare goals. Many conventional SPF lotions and creams can help keep your skin protected and that’s about it. Some protective creams may leave your skin feeling greasy or may clash with your skin type. Thankfully, the days of relying solely on conventional sun protection are over. You can get all kinds of versatile brightening, hydrating, and clear skin products that protect and work with your skincare goals.

Striking a Balance Between Protecting Skin and Clear Skin 

Concerned about breakouts or blemishes after using a facial SPF product? It’s time to switch to a product that has your concerns in mind. It comes down to selecting a product that balances SPF with maintaining a clear complexation. Some high-quality skincare SPF balms may incorporate zinc oxide, willow bark, and other targeted ingredients that can help promote clear skin. Willow bark is an astringent and natural source of salicylic acid. Zinc oxide not only helps protect from the sun but also has been shown to help soothe acne-prone skin. Combine targeted skincare ingredients with broad-spectrum protection, and you can be left with sun protection that works with other clear skin products you may use.

Correct, Brighten, and Protect 

Brightening skincare combined with getting more sun may seem like a contradiction, but it’s far from it. Spending time in the sun can leave your skin looking uneven. Some areas may appear lighter or darker than others. You may also notice new dark spots or some existing dark spots are seemingly enhanced by time under the sun. Look for sun protection boosted with antioxidants like vitamin C that will help even out your skin tone while protecting it, such as a brightening beauty balm with vitamin C and zinc oxide SPF protection. Pair your vitamin C SPF with a turmeric serum with vitamin C and a dark spot corrector with vitamin C for even more brightening and tone correction power.

Stay Hydrated in All You Do 

Spending any time in the sun means it’s also time to stay hydrated. This applies to your whole self just as much as it applies to your skincare. You can stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle with you on all your outdoor adventures. And you can help skin stay hydrated by choosing sun protection that emphasizes hydration and moisturization. Again, it comes down to the ingredients in your SPF facial lotion. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, bio-designed collagen, hemp seed oil, and all kinds of plant botanicals paired with sun protection ingredients can help keep your skin nourished, hydrated, and ready for fun in the sun. You can also double down by incorporating a hydrating toner into your overall skincare routine. Apply the toner before applying the hydrating SPF product and get out there!

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